Naturefactor – A Graphic Designer’s Guide to Biomimicry

Imagine living in a world where all energy comes from the sun, everything runs on sugar, components are assembled in water and at ambient temperature, building blocks are simple and part of a closed-loop system, and all organisms contribute to each other’s well being creating conditions conducive to all life. Well, that is what Biomimicry strives to do.

Biomimicry is a term that describes the conscious emulation of nature’s genius.

Biomimicry is learning from and then emulating natural forms, processes, and ecosystems to create more sustainable designs ~ Dayna Baumeister, 2014

Life on earth is around 3.8 billion years old. From the beginning, nature has done Research & Development that lead to successful adaptations for organisms to thrive in their environment. Humans are part of nature, and therefore could easily adjust some of their actions to align with how nature gets things done.

Naturefactor is a resource for anyone who is interested in infusing biomimicry into their lives. It specifically looks at solutions for graphic designers, but also features ideas and inspirations for a diversity of areas. The main content can be found on the flog, a play on words between frog and blog. Read here about what role the frogs play in my work.

To get started, you could explore the 10 steps that help infuse Biomimicry into Graphic Design (BGD). You can also explore the Naturefactors that feature natural models and their inspiration for Visual Communication (another term for Graphic Design). Lastly, feel free to explore the flog (frog & blog) to read about my continued discoveries and adventures.

Thank you and Enjoy!



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