Category: Materials

Nature Uses Multi-functional Design

March 20, 2012

Natural Model: Duck preening Due to the finite amount of resources, nature operates on a highly efficient modus by attaching multiple functions to anything it produces. photo credit During a duck’s preening process, the feathers are not only cleaned, but also covered with preen oil, which water-proofs the coat and moisturizes the duck’s beak.  Additionally, when…

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Nature Recycles All Materials

March 9, 2012

Natural model: Tree leaves photo credit Growing leaves takes a lot of energy from the tree, but it provides the tree with the needed sun energy by means of photosynthesis. They also capture sequestered carbon dioxide and convert it into oxygen [1]. During the winter months, when sunshine hours are reduced, the tree preserves its energy by…

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Biomimetic Graphic Design

February 29, 2012

Graphic design is often wasteful, non-efficient, and costly. The global pulp and paper industry alone is one of the largest polluters on earth [1]. It is the 3rd largest industrial polluter releasing 9% of total manufacturing carbon dioxide emissions in the U.S. 220 million pounds of toxic pollution and 3 million tons of chlorine are released into water ways…

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