Category: Psychology

Nature Integrates the Unexpected

March 20, 2012

Natural Model: Elephants (Photo credit) Thousands of years ago, elephants had smooth skin. Then, through a genetic mutation, the skin evolved into a wrinkled version. The elephant was able to dissipate more heat due to the increased surface area which allowed it to increase in size without running risk of overheating. Hence, the elephant is…

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Nature Replicates Strategies that Work

March 19, 2012

Natural Model: Mongooses “Of all lifeforms that ever existed, 99% have died out…” …what is alive today has successfully adapted to a changing environment over time [1]. In evolution, every living form carries information. If the organism is successful, that information will carry on, letting unsuccessful information die out or get modified.  

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Nature Leverages Cyclic Processes

March 7, 2012

Everything in nature is cyclical. Days turn into nights, fall follows summer, birth, growth, and death. Humans, being part of nature also operate in cycles. We are hungry, so we eat and digest, then we are hungry again. The electrolytes in the body regulate the amount of fluids in our system in cyclical methods, continually…

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Biomimetic Graphic Design

February 29, 2012

Graphic design is often wasteful, non-efficient, and costly. The global pulp and paper industry alone is one of the largest polluters on earth [1]. It is the 3rd largest industrial polluter releasing 9% of total manufacturing carbon dioxide emissions in the U.S. 220 million pounds of toxic pollution and 3 million tons of chlorine are released into water ways…

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