Natural Model: Molecules

tendon_diagramMolecules are components made up of atoms that compose various types of objects like the human tendon. Molecules tied into a rope like form are called fibrilis. Multiple fibrilis bound together make up fascicles. Multiple fascicles together form a tendon. The accumulation and nesting of the simple molecules create a strong, yet very flexible tendon in the human body [1].


Graphic Design

staggered-sheetsComputers operate on a simple system that is made up of only 1’s and 0’s; two very simple modules that can be combined into complex functions. Organizing information to educate, explain, or discuss can be approached with the same idea. Reduce the components into simple yet effective modules, and then arrange them to make them intriguing to the viewer. This will create simple, modular pieces that can be combined in different ways to create interest while kstaggered-sheets_2eeping the overall information easy to understand. The modularity also allows for a simple replacement of one component without having to discard and reproduce the entire object.


These are infosheets that were part of a rebranding of a community college. The goal was to have exchangeable information so that a folder could be packaged according to its audience.

Furthermore, whenever information became out of date, only one sheet had to be reprinted instead of the entire package.

1. Biomimicry Resource Handbook