Biomimetic Visual Communication Design in 10 steps

All of our actions cause a reaction. All life is interconnected with itself. Read how visual communication designers are connected to the rest of the system here. It is our responsibility We need to be aware of the consequences of our work and actions. By shifting our paradigm to a system of valuing nature, we can make better decisions that will create conditions conducive to life.

“What we seek to protect reflects what we value.” ~ Kofi Annan.

A valued nature would be more protected since our decisions would align with good design decisions. In order to start this new approach and to change our attitude towards nature, we have to form new habits. These 10 steps are supposed to help graphic designers find a new fascination with the natural world and to find innovative solutions for the challenge they solve. 

  1. Step-in and Slow Down
  2. Align Your Values
  3. Go Outside
  4. Be Visual
  5. Ask Questions
  6. Make a Functions List
  7. What is the Life-cycle?
  8. Biologize
  9. Evaluate
  10. Invite Nature as Stakeholder