Natural Model: Mongooses

“Of all lifeforms that ever existed, 99% have died out…”

meerkat…what is alive today has successfully adapted to a changing environment over time [1]. In evolution, every living form carries information. If the organism is successful, that information will carry on, letting unsuccessful information die out or get modified.


Mongooses, known as meerkats teach their young how and what to eat. For example, the adult will take off the stinger of a scorpion before letting a pup take a stab at killing and eating it. This protects the young while still teaching them how to eat a scorpion. Once they get older they will start taking off the stinger themselves as well as continue to teach their own young to do the same [2].

Graphic Design

Learning from experiences is a strategy already well integrated in marketing practices. Social networks and google are gaining strength due to their successful feedback of advertising channels. Learning from successes is crucial for survival in nature and is an effective tool to increase effectiveness of graphic design pieces.

The challenge lies in measuring the success. Setting up a system to collect feedback costs time, resources, and money. However, with the information collected, the visual communication piece can be improved upon next time in order to gain even greater responses helping the product or service to become more successul.

listeningWays to measure are promo and discount codes, designated urls or email addresses, and trackable coupons for services and products[3] .

One successful tool that can be leveraged to get feedback is twitter. Listening to your audience can give great insight on what works and what needs to be changed.

Southwest Airlines is one of the companies who really listens to its constituents on twitter. They “hear” frustrated passengers and take immediate action. Twitter gives them the advantage of receiving authentic feedback about their services and ideas on how to improve upon them.

Furthermore, social media also can be expanded to add visuals like images and branding icons. In Southwest Airline’s case, they work with instagram to tell stories and keep their audiences engaged.

SWA Twitter


SWA Instagram twitter



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