Naturefactors (nf) are a set of guidelines for visual communicators who would like to infuse biomimicry into their work. They were mainly adopted from the Life’s Principles by Janine Benyus and Dayna Baumeister (2013). The Universal Principles by Buckminster Fuller (1970) as well as The Way Life Works by Hoagland and Dodson (1998) were also great inspirations for this list of factors.

In addition to the factors, it is important to accept and respect the planet’s operating conditions. Every thriving living being functions and adapts to those conditions. If we, homo sapiens, wish to stay on this planet for a prolonged time, we are required to operate within the same limitations.

Below is a list of naturefactors that describe a natural model as well as a possible application for visual communication. This list is not comprehensive, but rather a conversation starter to a new paradigm shift about biomimicry in graphic design. The hope is to spark interest and future explorations by many intellectuals who will add to the knowledge of the approach of biomimetic graphic design.


Adapts to changing conditions

Is Locally Attuned and Responsive

Is Resource Efficient

Integrates Development with Growth

Evolves to Survive











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