Natural Model: Arctic Fox

The arctic fox adapts to its seasonal surrounding. During the snow covered months the fur changes into a white color, and with the melting of the snow, the color of the coat goes back to an earthy colored pattern. This seasonal camouflage helps the fox with hiding from predators as well as sneaking up on prey [1].


Graphic Design

Can the piece be designed to adapt to change? How could it be applied later? What kinds of challenges will the design or message encounter during its lifespan?

When asked to put together an exhibit, I took it upon me to apply life’s principles to the design. These “poles-in-a-bucket”s  are modular, flexible, expandable, long lasting, reusable, and required minimum resources.

The sturdiness and modularity of the poster stands, for example, allow for multiple reuse in future exhibitions and for an easy reconfiguration that can adapt to the needs of many different kinds of spaces. Furthermore, the poles can hold different sizes of posters.


“1. Biomimicry Group “Biomimicry Resource Handbook””